Some 15% of the world population suffers from neck pain and headache such as migraines and tension-type headaches. Traditional treatment is often invasive and, especially in the case of medication, expensive, ineffective and leads to intolerable side-effects. Cervical mobilisation however has proven to be an effective therapy for reducing chronic neck pain and headache. Non-invasive and carrying no side-effects, its success is increased when movements are constant, slow and repeated over a sustained period. The Occiflex™ provides exactly this therapy.


The Occiflex™ therapy can reduce neck pain related to whiplash, cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy, cervicogenic headaches, chronic migraine and chronic tension-type headaches and isolated mechanical neck pain. It is also effective in increasing range of motion caused by cervical blocks and for treating poor posture, proprioception and improving muscle and joint functions.


The movements made by the Occiflex™ are at such a low velocity that, in clinical trials, some patients are hardly aware of their head being moved. This greatly reduced their fear of movement and enabled them to relax. The combination of slow mobilisation and relaxation meant that any possible side effects of mobilisation such as nausea and dizziness were relieved, and that a greater range of motion could then be achieved – with far less pain.


Comfort and safety are paramount in the design of the Occiflex™. The patient’s head is gently supported but not fixed. And as the Occiflex moves very slowly, the patients can lift their head, or even sit up, whenever they need to. This gives patients a greater sense of control and enables them to relax more deeply during the therapy, further enhancing its effects.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions (l x w x h):
220 x 110 x 145 cm
Size tabletop (l x w):
185 x 79 cm
Minimum workspace (l x w):
270 x 150 cm
Height adjustment:
65 - 88 cm
Tilting range

+10 degrees (table height 70 - 83 cm)

-5 degrees (table height 75 - 85 cm)
0 degrees at min. or max. table height

Lifting capacity:
200 kg
Power supply:

100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, max 320VA

Current consumption:

2.0 A max.

LCD/TFT colour touch screen display (with backlight)
The Occiflex™ is delivered with a dedicated and pre-installed PC

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Enraf-Nonius Occiflex

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Cutting edge solution for Head and Neck Pain

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