Nexus 50x50mm Adhesive Electrodes

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Adhesive electrodes 50x50mm

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Nexus Stick-on electrodes for Electrostimulation and TENS

Standard set of 4 electrodes, 50 X 50mm


Applying the electrode

  • Ensure that the stimulation device is switched off prior to applying or removing the electrode, and disconnect the wire from the stimulation device.
  • Apply electrode only to unbroken skin. Clean the area where the electrode is to be applied with soap and water. Rinse and dry.
  • With the electrode still on the liner, attach the unattached lead wire from stimulation device to the electrode connector.
  • Remove the electrode from liner by gripping the edge of the electrode and peeling it off the liner. Keep the liner for storing the electrode after use.
  • Place the electrode on the exact skin location (should be determined by a medical professional) by applying the centre of the electrode first and smoothing down to the edges. Finally, attach the lead wire to stimulation device.


  • Turn off the stimulation device and disconnect the lead wire from the device.
  • Remove the electrode from skin by peeling from electrode edge. Place back on to liner.

Re-Application and Storage

  • If the adhesive becomes over-saturated, allow the electrode to air-dry in a refrigerator with adhesive side up until gel regains its tackiness
  • If the electrode gel appears dry, add a few drops of water to the electrode gel. Allow it to rest to tacky stage before applying to the skin.
  • Between uses, return the electrode to the liner and store in the resealable bag in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Electrode life / longevity

The life of the electrode varies depending on skin conditions, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage, and climate.

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