Resistance Bands 5m – 45m


Resistance Exercise, rehab and training

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Med-Band Resistance Exercise Band

Med-Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistance band. Using the Med-Band for resistive exercise provides positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups. The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band.


These bands are available in rolls of 5m, 30m, and 45m. The 30m and 45m lengths are supplied in a dispenser box for easier cutting.


Available in 5 resistance strengths

  • Yellow – 1.5KG

  • Red – 2.0KG

  • Green – 2.7KG

  • Blue – 3.5KG

  • Black – 4.5KG

Additional information


Yellow, 1.5Kg resistance, 5m Roll, Yellow, 1.5Kg resistance, 46m Box, Yellow, 1.5Kg resistance, 30m Box, Red, 2.0Kg resistance, 5m Roll, Red, 2.0Kg resistance, 30m Box, Red, 2.0Kg resistance, 46m Box, Green, 2.7Kg resistance, 5m Roll, Green, 2.7Kg resistance, 30m Box, Green, 2.7Kg resistance, 46m Box, Blue, 3.5Kg resistance, 5m Roll, Blue, 3.5Kg resistance, 30m Box, Blue, 3.5Kg resistance, 46m Box, Black, 4.5Kg resistance, 5m Roll, Black, 4.5Kg resistance, 30m Box, Black, 4.5Kg resistance, 46m Box