Enraf-Nonius Eltrac 471

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Eltrac 471 Advanced traction therapy

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The NEW ELTRAC 471 – The perfect assistant for lumbar and cervical traction therapy

The reliable Eltrac 471 has helped many patients for decades on end. This Eltrac 471 has now been improved. The Eltrac 471 is accurate, easy-to-use, real-time and safe!


The new Eltrac is precise. The forces are exercised on the patient with ultimate precision. The tractive effort in the cord of the Eltrac 471 is constantly measured during traction. The control of the Eltrac compares the measured value to the set value. Any deviations are immediately corrected.

In traction therapy, not only accurate force is important, but also the speed with which the force increases or decreases is very essential. Other devices in the market can only give an indication of the speed. Speed is only estimated or expressed as a percentage of the motor capacity or a speed ratio. With the Eltrac 471 you can accurately set the motor speed (N/sec.), and the device will deliver just that. It will calculate precisely how long the treatment will take. And the full colour display will show exactly what you programmed and what is happening during treatment.


The new Eltrac 471 is extremely easy-to-use thanks to the touch-screen and the intuitive interface. A clear and well-organised menu will assist you in making therapeutic choices. All essential informa-tion will be displayed. Not only while adjusting the settings for the therapy, but also during the therapy itself.


What you see on the clear and informative display is exactly what is taking place. No averaging later on, but rather real-time. This allows you to monitor the forces actually exercised in the course of the therapy, not a summarised representation, but the actual course. You can zoom and scroll through the visual representation of the treatment. This will also provide better insight into the course of the treatment session as a whole. You will be on top of what you need to know thanks to the real-time information.

Technical Specifications:

Types of therapy: 

Static, Intermittent, Pro- and Regressive,

Cyclic traction and combinations of these

Mains voltage: 100 – 240V
Max. power consumption: 50vA
Dimensions: 30 x 34 x 22 mm
Weight: 10kg
included with device:

Nylon cord 170 cm with carabine hook, for Eltrac 471

Fixing knobs, set of 4

Patient stop switch

Operating manual Eltrac 471 (CD-rom)

Information booklet Eltrac 471

Mains cable